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SIGN ME UP PAGE - Never Pay A Percentage. Property Taxes Suck. We make them suck less.

Enroll with confidence! You have up to four opportunities per year to get reduced! We are 5 Stars on Yelp and 5 Stars on Facebook. We also have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating! "Effective 6/18/15 we also offer the following guarantee" (if you just want to get the ball rolling, scroll down and enter your credit card info):
If you do not get a reduction notice during the one or three years’ package, we will not ask you to renew another year of service until we help you get a reduction no matter how long it takes. The guarantee requires you file your appeal online, it can be done in 2 minutes once your area is open for appeals. Sometimes you are going to win, sometimes you are going to lose, you have up to 4 attempts to reduce your property taxes per year. The more swings you take at it, the more you will come down over time. Every 3 years the county is going to hike your Cook County property taxes, so you better start fighting them.

How to Sign up for the Appeal Package: 
This page is for those who are ready to pay for service because they are convinced their Cook County property taxes are too high. Simply scroll down and enter your property and payment information. If you are not sure your taxes are fair and you would like us to research your property taxes first, please click here for FREE RESEARCH.

We find the comparable properties and/or other supporting evidence that's needed to help warrant a successful appeal. We will inform you when your area opens for appeal, this is the 2nd greatest value in our service, the county changes the dates throughout the year. Then you simply submit it online or through U.S. Mail (not recommended). The results come to your mailbox from Cook County in 1-3 months after submitting your appeal. The savings is all yours. It’s that simple! That doesn't mean we are done, oh no! That means 15% of your neighbors are will also be opening a decision letter at the same time. They quickly become public record and we will sniff out the who has the new best deal and use them to help you come down even further! Especially while property are so bad it's important you fight each and every year! Never pay a percentage! Any property tax refunds on residential property will be 100% yours! We never charge our clients for residential refunds!

1) Via email or U.S. Mail you will receive Professionally gathered comparable properties and/or other supporting documentation as proof of over taxation to the county.
2) Pictures of the comparable properties. Pictures are gathered from county records and on rare occasion have been incorrect photos or unavailable.
​3) Refund Checker. This is a process of Q&A to determine if you are entitled to refunds on taxes already paid. If you are entitled to any refunds, we send you links to the forms required by the county to obtain refunds along with county instructions. Farlap & Associates does NOT charge for refunds on residential properties.
​4) Instructions on where you go to file your appeal or complaint online. Appeal forms or directions to both the Assessor's Office and the Board of Review will also be provided when it's time to appeal. Simply fill, sign, and submit your personal information. Appeals can also be submitted to the county online. In some cases, we may inform you that a Closing Statement or Appraisal may help you warrant a greater reduction. You will be informed to send in appropriate documentation directly to the county when it is time to do so. Again, we let you know via phone or email.

ELECTRONIC AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: No credit cards are saved. We will call you when it's time to renew. In the rare event we make a mistake, we offer extended service time only, there are no refunds. In the event you sell your home, we would be happy to transfer your remaining service to the new owner or to your new property as long as it is in Cook County. If you your account lapses by more than 60 days between renewals, you will be subject to a $50 reactivation fee, we have realized we are spending a lot of time on renewal calls. Our time is better spent on fighting your taxes. Farlap & Associates is not a law firm. Law firms hate us. Go figure.